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A few odd bits that don't fit into other blog posts: - JOKR [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A few odd bits that don't fit into other blog posts: [Jan. 7th, 2017|09:18 am]

-We sold another of our DDR machines recently. We only got $670 for it but it made someone in Utah a happy camper and we got a bit of profit while finding a dance game a home! (We still have all the dance games we bought to keep. Not getting rid of those!)

-We rented another of our DDR machines - the one with the 1st Mix marquee, currently running 5th Mix - out for some convention (or maybe event or expo) for the weekend for $300 recently. It's home safe and sound now.

-Sean and I bought a Groupon for a 1 month gym membership to Edge Fitness wayy down in Henderson, NV. Luckily, it's pretty much just a straight shot down the 95 freeway, 15 minutes south, for us. We've been going there every other day or so and will be going there til January 19th. Then time to find our next workout spot (or just use the mini gym at home). <3 gym hopping!

-Sean and I started treadmill running when we started at Edge Fitness a couple of weeks back. In fact, I even ran 13.1 miles on the treadmill on 1/3/17 in just under 2hr 6min. I'm aware that this is probably an extremely average time and it did feel really slow but it was only my second time ever running over 9 miles without stopping or walking and is the furthest I've ever run on a treadmill to date so I took it easy just to make sure I could actually finish and at the end I was totally fine with just slightly sore legs! Gonna try more distance going forward and hopefully figure out what I'm capable of.

-Also on January 3rd, we had a representative from M&K Heating and Cooling come out to see what was wrong with a heating and AC unit we'd had them install 5 or so years prior. The unit hadn't been working since we tried to turn it on to heat the house this winter but we had maybe 5 years left on our 10 year warranty. The guy came out and inspected the unit and found a rock-hard hornets nest blocking up the unit! He was in utter disbelief and told us that in all his time in this line of work he'd NEVER seen anything like that. He said there must be a one in a million chance of that happening and that we should probably start playing the lottery. Funny, it only seems like negative things such as failed tubal libations that I manage to beat the odds with. At the end of this ordeal, I had to pay $100 for the service call. I guess I was lucky with that because that fee was always mandatory despite the warranty and the guy not only got the unit working quickly by removing the nest and inspected the unit to make sure it was still in good condition but he didn't charge us a dime of the $75/hr labor fee.

-Driving to the gym the other night, we saw headlights coming straight at us in the fast lane on the freeway! We moved over and all was fine but Jesus Christ!! Fyi this was on a divided freeway (with a giant wall between), very difficult to get onto from the wrong side and impossible to cross over to from the other side. No clue how the hell they managed to get in that situation! I'm curious whether the cop that was chasing them from the OTHER side of the freeway was any less awestruck than we were. Seriously, WTF?!

-Sean and I just bought Galaxy S7 Actives (new phones ) from eBay for $385 each. After all discounts (1% cash back through ebates, 10% eBay bucks deal, 1.5% cash back through our credit card), however, I think they came to more like $330 something each. Unfortunately, a tiny bit of the screen at the top of Sean's phone screen wasn't very sensitive and my phone, despite showing a clean IMEI, had not been paid off by the previous owner. The seller, who has fantastic feedback and only sells phones (like TONS of phones) was supposed to send Sean a replacement phone once he sent his back but the seller just refunded him instead. I'm still trying to figure out whether to return my phone or just keep it... but I know we both still definitely want S7 Actives! What to do?

-We FINALLY got Sean healthcare in the United States. It's not the greatest plan ever but it's there just in case and we're only paying  $19.44/month for it thanks to the whole Obamacare deal thing. Next year, we should actually be able to get him Medicaid for free as he will have been considered a resident for 5 years!

-We were so sad to hear that Julie Murphy (owner of Gemini Arcade Palace when it was open)'s husband passed away in his sleep just before Christmas. Can't believe it.. So tragic!! :(

-Sean and I played Santa Claus in a major way this past Christmas and gifted so many more people than usual. Practically all of those people, however, wound up gifting us back! Ahhhhh!!!! I suppose in return for gifts we recently sent them, even my dad and aunt Julia sent gifts for Sean and me! Aunt Julia and family sent us tons of her incredible chocolates, amongst other things, and my dad sent lots of coffee-related things and other awesome souvenirs. I can't believe how generous some of the people in our lives are!! Wow. :')

-Unfortunately, the totally awesome gift Sean and I had been putting together for my dad all year got lost in the mail. This is the second consecutive time we've sent him something without it ever making it to him. Luckily we have tracking this time so we're attempting to get a refund from ParcelMonkey (the shipping company).