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Record Temperature Heat [Jun. 23rd, 2017|12:39 pm]

Stolen from Las Vegas Review Journal:

"Las Vegas has never been hotter.

The temperature hit 117 degrees at 4:07 p.m. Tuesday, tying the all-time high, according to the National Weather Service.

The city had only been as hot three other times: June 30, 2013; July 19, 2005; and July 24, 1942. This is the earliest it happened."


"The weather records started to fall before dawn on the last day of spring. The Tuesday morning low of 88 degrees at the valley’s official weather station at McCarran International Airport eclipsed the previous mark of 86 as the highest overnight low for June 20 in Las Vegas, meteorologist Barry Pierce said.

Then, when the temperature hit 116 just before 4 p.m., it officially became the hottest June 20 on record, breaking the previous mark of 115 set last year.

The normal high for this date is 100."

Should be fun paying the power bill this year! XD

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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2017|01:03 am]

This should go without saying but by this point in life I'm well aware that things that should happen and things that do happen are often not one in the same: I care about the rights of all living beings. Of course, being who I am means that I will not only be more aware of certain matters than others but that some will hit closer to the heart and perhaps get me more heated. This is natural and, in my opinion, not something you can wrong me for. No one is obligated to fight the battles of others. Sometimes it may be the right thing to do, other times it may enough to just not stand in their way, and other times still it may be necessary to oppose them to uphold your own beliefs. We should keep in mind that each person sees and valuesthings differently and the instances and amounts in which they step in should be very much at their own discretion. I do my best to equally stand up for anyone and anything I find being wronged. Ibelieve what Ido to be enough and don'tbelieve Ishould be criticized for wanting to spend theremainder of my timeliving my own life. Everyone needs a hand sometimes but I'vefought most of my own battles through the years without a great deal of outside help and Iexpect others to striveto do the same. (Keep in mind that Isaid, "strive to" as Ido not want to argue over statements of the obvious which I've intentionally omitted.)

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Ebates Credit Card [Apr. 26th, 2017|02:59 am]

I applied for yet another credit card, not because I need it but because it'll save and make me quite a bit of money in the long run. It was an Ebates credit card this time, limit $5k. It's not good for travel deals or international transactions but other than that I get an extra 3% cash back for purchases at stores Ebates gives cash back for shopping at. I also get $10 after making my first purchase with it. It all adds up!

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Recent Stuff [Apr. 22nd, 2017|05:01 am]

-We got the Mustang inspected (in response to the salvage title we were issued when we hit the deer last year), we registered it, and we have a rebuilt title on the way! Switched it's custom "DDR ITG" plates for generic plates to save money and because there's no point drawing unnecessary attention to a car that needs cosmetic work but hey, it's back on the road! Unfortunately, the F-150's transmission needs work too, just like the Prius, now. It got stuck in neutral and stranded at the Uhaul location we dropped the tow dolly we'd used to bring the Prius back on to but we managed to get a 1 year membership to an inexpensive AAA-equivalent plan provided by a company called UBEEPUS for around $26 to get the truck home. Not we can feel safer while road tripping around too. The Prius and F-150 are both down for the count now and the Mustang's cylinder #6 is misfiring just as of today but we're learning a fair amount about cars through all this. Anyway, the Mustang's new issue couldn't have had better timing (2 days after passing smog!), it shouldn't be TOO hard to resolve, I'm pretty sure our 3 vehicles are totaling over 620k miles between them, and it still would've been significantly less profitable for us to sort alternative transportation and get the Prius towed back or recycled this last trip than to buy the truck and get it and the Prius home (at least for parts) As we did.

-Sean, Danny, and I went to see the new Fast & the Furious movie The Fate of the Furious (#8 in the series) at Town Square this past Tuesday. Sooo over the top but very entertaining!

-We took a little break from attending gyms and spent our time doing lots of traveling and work as well as running a few races and even exercising on our own a bit.

-At the 99 Cent Store the other day, Sean and I picked up a couple of VR headsets for $5 each. We'd had so much fun with VR gaming at a mall in AZ we decided to bring it home. We've tried it out a bit but will have to give it more time when we have more time to spare. Since its pretty much just a couple of lenses, however, our $5 headsets seem just as good as the expensive set up they had at the mall. We might get controllers for them too!

-We should be doing a lot more running in preparation for Sean's upcoming 50 mile race and my upcoming 50k but we just can't seem to make the time. We did make it out to Lake Mead for a bit of a run this past week, however. I think Sean ran around 10 miles and I did nearly 8, though mine was kind of a run/jog/walk medley. It was SUPER hot when we started and it was primarily uphill but we had a nice break halfway, relaxing on the couches in Hoover Dam Lodge while sipping their free Coke, before running the downhill route back and going for a cold dip in the lake to cool down and soak our legs as the sun set. :)

-The other day, Sean and I used a Groupon deal for two weeks at a local gym in Henderson, not horribly far from home, called Koko Fit Club. It was the most unique gym I can recall visiting. Very small, odd place but I like it. I could never commit to working out there exclusively but I'll definitely enjoy what I can of my two weeks! So far Sean and I have been twice. A bit about it: You always need a key card to get in, though an attendant works limited hours most days of the week and can let potential new members in during those times. It's open 24 hours, though Sean and I were the only ones there when we went late at night and I think there have only been a max of 3 people working out, including Sean and me, at any given time so far. There are only 3 total types of machines in the place: treadmills, ellipticals, and a weight machine that pretty much does it all with regard to weights. In total, there are probably a total of about 20 machines here. Koko Fit Club is a chain with locations in quite a few states nationwide, though only this one in Nevada. They offer lockers, a changing room, two restrooms, a little sitting area, unlimited hot drinks (green tea and Keurig coffee options), bananas, granola bars, towel service, audio voice programs for treadmills and ellipticals provided via mp3 players with headphones on all appropriate machines, and "smart training" which tracks each member's progress and abilities while awarding points for workouts. They also have some advanced scale which calculates your "eBMI" - supposedly more telling than just your BMI. (Apparently, according to the scale thing, my eBMI is 19.6 and my lean muscle is 111.7 pounds? I don't have much context for that but yay numbers! Lol) According to Koko, Sean is about twice as strong as me in nearly every way. Probably true! XD

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Semi-Recent Misc [Apr. 15th, 2017|02:59 am]

Groupon has had a lot of laser hair removal deals on it lately so I did tons of research and got the very best deal I could find in any state or country I'm likely to visit soon. Starting small just to try it out, I just chose a deal for 8 treatments on one small area: my armpits. I figured it was as good a place as any, one of only two places I shave daily (guess the other!), and wouldn't leave me broke if I wasn't happy with the results for any reason. (Can't remember exactly but I think I spent somewhere between $40 and $60 after all discounts.) The place I chose: Jazzy Laser Spa, 2213 North Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, NV, 89014#101 Henderson, NV 89014. So I went in for my first appointment on 3/7/17. They had lots of candy and free snacks in the lobby when we arrived and the place felt inviting for its size. Being my first visit, I did a couple of pages of paperwork and I was in! They had me put protective eyewear on so I couldn't see what was going on but after about 5 minutes of machine setting 260 (or something like that) treatment in which the only feeling I had was was of felt cold gel being rubbed on the target area, I was done! Now, I'm not sure if the cold gel thing was what was really going on and that that feeling masked the laser or if that's just how the laser felt but it sure as hell didn't hurt at all and I was done in no time! No irritation at any point after either. Second appointment was 4/4/17. Since I didn't have any irritation last time, they turned up the power on the machine a bit this time. It stung a bit more but not bad at all - just like mini rubber bands snapping. Next appointment next month!

I recently closed my Chase United Mileage Plus credit card and merged my $7.8k credit with my $6k Chase Freedom card to avoid Mileage Plus' upcoming annual fee charge. (I still have my Capital One and Amazon cards, at least for now.) With new room in my wallet for it, I replaced the Mileage Plus card with a new $5k limit Bank of America Bank Americard Travel Rewards card with benefits on par with the Freedom card but with a bonus $200 (for spending $1k in the first 3 months or something basic like that that we'd be doing anyway) and no foreign transaction fees. Time to do some overseas shopping! :p

We went to Nevada Climbing Centers recently to use our Pogo (city) Passes' 1-time day passes and do some climbing. JESUS our arms were dead within an hour!

Climbing in my normal shoes at Nevada Climbing Centers didn't really hinder me but I figured climbing shoes of my own might be a worthwhile investment since we keep going. Accordingly, I found a good condition pair on Craigslist and went to pick them up. They were navy and black and super tight but for $15 and considering the money I'll save I'd say they were worth it. Besides, I think the size should be ideal for climbing and they're really hardly used. Nice having my own shoes! Sean already had shoes and we have chalk, a harness, and other supplies so we're pretty much ready to go!

Sean managed to get my period flowing for me again on 3/12/17. Not exactly sure how this always seems to happen  (him poking it lose, I mean) but I DO have a theory: the approach of that time of the month = hormones that try and get me to f*** so that I'll get preggers. Lol

Semi-recently, we cleaned most of the house and rearranged everything in preparation for inviting friends over for a get together. We only managed to get a handful of people out including Dylan, Reggie, Rob Williams, Anna Blair, Darwin, and Darwin's gf. We actually played dance games for a bit though and the house is looking great at the moment!

Doing a little crafting lately, we made a cool race number display to hang our race bibs on. I love it!

We've done a terrible job of preparing for our upcoming races lately but we have done a bit of running. We ran the Red Rock Scenic Loop again slowly quite a few weeks back, this time the same direction as traffic, and saw some deer along the way. Sean ran with me, though I was VERY slow, despite lots of walking breaks, and had a really rough time. I actually decided to call it quits about 2 miles from finishing the loop and have Sean go back for the car on his own while I waited at the lookout for him to come rescue me. Lol

We signed up for lots of races lately including using volunteer credit we had to sign up for this year's Spartan Tahoe race 9/30/17 - 10/1/17. Gonna get to watch the World Championships this time!

We've bought some fun things off eBay lately, some practical and some not. We even got spy watches and spy glasses to get sneaky videos sometime!

One recent Tuesday, we went to the dollar movie theater down the street. They were playing a sequel to The Ring - the scariest horror movie ever, imo. I HAD to see it and was not disappointed. As always with any Ring movies, it scared the crap out of me! I won't say those movies are the greatest ever but I'm particularly fond of them and they always get my heart rate up!

Using out Pogo Passes again, we went to carting recently at Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix. I drove around like a granny but I felt like I was going fast and we both had a blast!

Not far from there and also using our Pogo Passes, we stopped in Battle Blast Laser Tag for a quick laser tag session!

I started getting a lot of headaches again recently so I scheduled an appointment to get looked at. After a consultation, I was scheduled to come back for something called an EEG. Still waiting on the results from that 3/28/17 EEG but I think everything will come back normal. Its just the next step before they give me some kind of meds. I just had to lay there in the dark with my eyes closed and lots of sticky stuff on head and chest, have a light strobed at me at different speeds for a moment, breathe with my mouth open for 3 minutes, and then just lie there for a long time.  Fun stuff. 

On the same side of town as the headache place, the go cart place, and the laser tag place is a cool thrift store Sean and I had been to once before. We had another couple looks these past two times we found ourselves in the area for my headache appointments. On one of these visits, on 3/22/17, we arrived not long before the thrift store's closing time. As we were looking around, however, we found a wedding dress. All clothes were 75% off at the time so the dress was down to $25 (from $99). I didn't even have time to think but I snagged it up. It wasn't exactly what I though I wanted in a wedding dress but it wasn't NOT what I wanted, if that makes sense, and it was GORGEOUS. Besides that, I needed a dress for the vow renewal I want to plan for Sean and me (hopefully next year?) and I'm not likely to find anything remotely as nice for the price anytime soon!

During check out for a flight I tried to book thru Priceline recently, I was offered a Priceline credit card. I wasn't going to bother but they offered me $50 account credit for applying. I still haven't used the card but I did apply, did receive a $5000 credit limit, and should be getting my $50 account credit after I start spending? (I'll probably close the card sometime not too long after that though.)

We went for a run (7.73 miles for me, about 1 mile more for Sean) in Boulder City, NV from Railroad Pass Casino to Bootleg Canyon to try out the new Hoka shoes we'd bought recently. Outward was mostly uphill, back was mostly down, and shoes worked pretty well. Hard to say much about them after just one run but I think they'll do us well (and we decided to use them at our Woodside Crossover race in Cali not long after!).

Sean's cousin and his wife and two kids came to Vegas recently. On April 6th at 8pm, we met up with them outside the NYNY casino where they were staying. We all chatted, walked the strip together, saw the sights, stopped for the water show at Bellagio, and went to eat at some Italian restaurant in the shops in front of Bally's (near Wahlbergers!). So good to meet and chat with them and hope we get the chance again sometime!

Before the 4/13/17 price increase, Sean, Alex Sanchez/figgies, and I all signed up to run the Revel Canyon City downhill marathon in Socal (near Alex's work) on Nov 4th this year. Guess we'd better keep running and try to stay in shape!

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New Running Shoes! [Mar. 29th, 2017|10:11 pm]

Sean and I finally broke down and spent a little money on new shoes. We checked some thrift stores and picked up a cool pair of shoes each ($2.50 for a black and red pair of New Balance Minimus for me and Sean got some cool Nikes!) but we still needed something better for distance running. Unwilling to pay retail prices, we scoped our eBay and other options and wound up with Hoka Clifton 2 size 14s for Sean for $53, Saucony Triumph Iso 2 size 10.5 for $23 for me, and Hoka Conquest (not sure which) size 10.5 for me for $20. The colors weren't all ideal and sizes weren't exactly what was recommended to us but we really couldn't complain for the price and I think the sizes will be close enough. (Also, shipping was included in amounts mentioned above but the amounts were before Ebates and credit card cash back!) Reasons for our choices: I wasn't initially inclined to buy such highly padded shoes (and definitely didn't want to spend more than a few dollars on a pair) but after discussing our running goals, aches and pains, etc with employees at the running shop they recommended level 5/max padding. I was under the impression that this would significantly slow me down but, after trying 6 pairs on, I realized that the extra padding didn't add a whole lot of weight. Instead, it felt absolutely amazing on my feet and legs, like walking around on cloud bubbles. I was then confident that the increased comfort would much more than make up for the minimal amount of additional weight since our legs would likely hold up a lot better, especially considering Sean and I are a long way off trained athletes whose legs are conditioned for crazy distance running. Of the shoes I tried on, the Saucony Triumph ISO 3s felt the best by far with Brooks Glycerin 14s (I think they're called?) coming in second. Also, the Saucony Triumph ISOs are now using that same Everun technology cushioning as the Adidas Boost shoes in a couple of spots on the shoes. Yay energy return as well as cushioning! Hokas felt pretty cool too and were highly recommended to us by a lot of trail runners we met so Sean opted for those and stumbled across a cool pair for me in the process. :)

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(no subject) [Mar. 20th, 2017|01:53 pm]

How is it weird, wrong, and potentially cause for anything from being issued a fine to being registered as a sex offender for me to undress in front of adults, even close friends my own age, when its perfectly fine for celebrities, including fat and hairy ones, to whip out all their parts in front of millions of strangers - anyone 17+ - without most people so much as flinching? Most of you would be upset or uncomfortable in some way if I just started stripping down in front of you, even for the most innocent of reasons (such as changing into cleaner or more appropriate clothes), and yet most people would think a person was a weirdo and a prude if he/she had a problem going to a movie with a scene depicting topless women in a strip club. Oh, and it's perfectly normal to watch a sex scene - ass, tits, and maybe more on screen - calmly in a theater but if people even vaguely describe sexual experiences they've had on Facebook or post pictures of their nipples everyone freaks out. Additionally, people accept that big hairy bushes or clean shaven pussies are fine and dandy on the big screen but God forbid we see a peen with a bit of wood.

You know Facebook doesn't even allow people to post photos of foreign communities of people whose custom it is not to wear shirts if any of the people shown in the photos are female? Oh, but if a woman is breastfeeding in public it may arguably be okay for her to pull a boob out because suddenly the boob isn't necessarily offensive since it's functional. Or is it still offensive anyway? Apparently that's still undecided in a lot of places and still makes most people uneasy. Guys titties are fine though, even though they pretty much never serve a purpose. Why is that? Just because they're typically flat? Well, my titties are flatter than half the dudes I know. Why do I have to cover up when they don't even have to put on a bra? And if fatty tissue is really the only issue with boob-showing, why can't stick-figured ladies give their upper halves some air while we force all the guys with love handles to cover up?

Why does everyone keep playing along like this all makes sense?! It's driving me crazy!!

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Running Shoes? [Mar. 16th, 2017|09:21 am]

Last week or so, I ran on a treadmill on 3 consecutive days:

The first day, I wore some cheap and lightweight (6.29oz each) Champion shoes that I normally walk around in. They're not quality running shoes or anything - just crappy things I paid $1 for. I felt fine after an hour of casual jogging though.

The second day, I wore some 10.41oz per shoe grey and pink Asics trail shoes (also purchased for a dollar or two at a thrift store). These are the ones I've worn for the 3 longer races I've done semi-recently (a 15+ mile hilly trail run, a flat and paved 1/2 marathon, and a fairly flat and paved full marathon). I felt like absolute crap throughout and after a slow hour of jogging with necessary walking breaks I was done.

The third day, not sure if the differences between days one and two were due to fatigue or the shoes, I tried day one's shoes again as an experiment. This time, I ran the exact same pace I'd started day two at but didn't end up needing walking breaks at all and, instead, ended up running my longest run yet without any walking breaks (aside from two two minute walks to and from the water fountain to refill drink bottles and one minute total of getting the treadmill up to/down from speed). After the first 13 or so miles of maintaining that slow speed, just to continue the shoe experiment, I still had tons of energy so I ramped up my pace lots til I was running a 7:30 mile pace towards the end. (Didn't compensate at all for the first 13 miles though and it still took me a total of 2 hours and 38 minutes, including the 5 minutes of water and treadmill starting and stopping breaks, start to finish but whatever.) Aside from the mind-numbing boredom, I was just fine this time.

All three days were done on treadmill with 0 incline. The only major difference was the shoes. I don't have any shoes I'd call my "regular" shoes. I've run fairly equally in a number of shoes from 6oz to 14oz per shoe. I haven't run a ton of long distance or hilly runs, however, so when I wore the pink and grey Asics for my recent long races I just assumed those were the issues - not the shoes themselves. After trying them on an easy and flat treadmill run for an hour and having the same problems I did on race day though, I'm starting to think it's partly the shoes. I was seriously just fine in my crappy, lightweight ones. Still, based on my research I probably need something better and with more padding if I'm gonna be working on distance (which I am, considering my 50k is at the end of April).

I know Sean needs new shoes too because every time he runs distance he ends up losing multiple toenails and getting tons of horrific blisters. (I usually just get a few blisters.) I'm afraid his toes are gonna come off!

Now, I came across this quiz: https://www.buzzfeed.com/shannonrosenberg/best-running-shoe-quiz?utm_term=.rwA0wj8Po#.plvLg72xX

..but I don't want to suddenly run out and break the bank on running shoes that might not work for me based on one thing I've read online. In fact, Sean and I are really not looking to spend much at all on shoes unless we absolutely have to and will probably end up picking some up at a thrift store or mayyyyybe eBay'ing some inexpensive, crappy colored ones to try and get some comfort without going broke.

I'm thinking we'll both need normal pronation, medium padding shoes for running (ideally) 20-35 miles per week. I'm gonna go with women's 10s for comfort and he'll need men's 14s. If possible, I think shoes that work well for road running and some trail running are best but road running is more important to me since most of our runs will likely be on pavement or treadmill. Also, I'm absolutely crap on hills. Not sure if that needs to be taken into account when choosing shoes?

So, can anyone offer opinions or suggestions for us? Any personal experiences to share with the shoes suggested in the aforementioned quiz or other running shoes? Do any of you have big feet and want to trade or maybe sell some shoes?

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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2017|09:42 pm]

I've been going through a lot of old things recently and have even started giving away lots of old stuffed toys. A lot of parents were really grateful and kids were really excited to get them. Glad they're finding loving new homes!

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Misc Recent Stuff: [Feb. 12th, 2017|09:40 pm]

I'll have to post about our recent trips later because there's just too much to say but here are a few smaller recent things we've done:

-Sean and I used our Vegas Pogo Passes (multi-attraction passes we bought from LivingSocial, I believe) to go bowling at Sunset Station. We were supposed to get 1 free game there (as well as quite a few other places) per month but we don't really bowl so it was our first time using that perk. They actually gave us two free games instead of one, though we got bored after one and left. The first one was kinda fun though. We got a couple of $1 margaritas each at the bar to take in with us and sipped as we bowled. It was a ridiculous $4 per pair of rental shoes so we just shared a pair. In the end, I ended up winning 118 to 92 - almost definitely a record for me! Completely irrelevant since neither of us bowl but I had to enjoy the ultra-rare moment of beating Sean at SOMETHING for a moment. Lol

-Gold Spike, in addition to the replacement places in other cities, has been hosting free "Down and Derby" skate nights where they designate an area of their property for skating and even offer free skate rentals. At Gold Spike, their skate nights have been the first and third Wednesdays of each month, I believe. One night, Sean and I decided to check it out. We had our own rollerblades (which we'd only used once before) so we took them with us and skated the night away! It was really fun and a nice way to mix up our workouts. We actually got pretty warm despite it being held outdoors in the cold! We ALMOST gave in and bought some drinks there, like most people, but the prices were just a bit much for what they were. After skating, we went back inside the main building and "danced"/goofed off to jams the deejay was playing before leaving, accidentally not having spent a penny. Oops! Well, if they lower their drink prices by $1 each, we'll happily make up for all the drinks we didn't by next time!

-For Danny's birthday, we did the Denny's dinner thing for at least the third year running now. Avery, his little brother Morgan, Naomi, Latrice, Latrice's new boyfriend, and even John Bove and his current girlfriend who were apparently in town came out for it. Made for a fun couple hours of catching up!

-The Tuesday after Denny's, John, his girlfriend, Danny, Sean, and I went to eat at Sweet Tomatoes.

-On January 24th, Sean and I decided to check out Las Vegas Athletic Club for the first time using a free day pass we signed up for through their website. We decided on visiting the Maryland and Sahara location. They didn't have a cool running track like some of their other locations but the gym was huge and did have lots of amenities. After a jog on on of their treadmills, I tried a couple of their other machines and then joined Sean in the pool area. We tried their hot tub, steam room, and sauna there too. So nice! Very nice, spacious gym.

-The next day, on Jan 25th, we started a free 7 day trial at a new gym called Universal Fitness Club just a block away from the Flamingo and Pecos Planet Fitness location I used to go to. They hadn't had their grand opening yet and their location was kind of far back in a quiet parking lot so it wasn't very busy but was peaceful with a wide-open layout and lots of windows so members could enjoy the sunshine and keep an eye on their vehicles while working out. They had fun climbing frames, a cardio room, lots of weights, an outdoor weight area, a spinning room, a HUGE mirror room, some unused rooms, gender-separated rooms in the locker rooms, and more.

-Resident Evil: The Final Chapter came out recently. Taking advantage of their Tuesday night deal, Marquee, Avery, Naomi, Danny, Sean, and I went to see it at The Orleans in their super nice theater with fancy, reclining seats for only $5 each. Others might disagree but I thought it was totally epic (both the movie and the theater :p)!

-Sean got PIU working on our machine. I've never really played on our machine but we have the option again now. According to Sean, we can now run Exceed 2 to Prime 2 and/or Stepmania. We only have a little computer monitor hooked up to it but it works well, we can always put something bigger on later, and the pads are already pretty good as far as old pads go! We tried it out for 1.5 hours or so a couple of weeks ago when Sean first fixed the machine. (I mostly watched but tried a few songs.) Hopefully, we'll get inspired and play it more sometime.

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