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(no subject) [Mar. 20th, 2018|04:53 pm]

If all of your dreams come true in your lifetime, you should've dreamt bigger.

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Mesquite Stay [Mar. 3rd, 2018|09:14 pm]

We keep getting these awesome vouchers through the mail for free hotel stays, dining credit, freeplay, BOGO buffet meals, etc at Virgin River and Casablanca casinos in Mesquite. We used them again to stay at the Casablanca from 2/25/18 - 3/1/18. During that time, we did lots of fun things there like getting the breakfast buffet ($7 for 2 people with the coupon, not including tip!), jogging 5.6 miles between the casinos, doing an Insanity workout video in the room (the mini gym was in use a lot this visit), drinking a fair amount of booze, enjoying sexy grown up time all over our hotel bed, lounging in the hot tub, winning free hot dogs and Starbucks coffee and more freeplay (over $20 free money this trip!) by swiping our players cards at both casinos' kiosks each day, playing DDR Max 2 in Casablanca's arcade, using food credit vouchers to get chicken wraps at the cafe, using the McDonald's app to get deals like fancy burgers for $1 each, visiting a small but pretty park, stopping at a "thrift store" that was clearly someone's house for a look around, and much more! Good times! Going again after the Spartan race tomorrow but this time only for one night.

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My Event and Travel Blog [Sep. 30th, 2017|06:31 am]

I post most of my smaller stuff here on LiveJournal but most of my bigger events, trips, and travel stuff ends up on blogger. It's not totally up-to-date but I'm working on it and it's got some good stuff in the meantime!: http://jokrlovesbbc.blogspot.com/

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Recent Vegas Stuff [Sep. 30th, 2017|06:26 am]

Recently, some of the more noteworthy things we've done in Vegas include:

-Playing around, sprinting, and running at UNLV's track in the middle of the night. They track's apparently not supposed to be open at that time but the gate had been left open. Anyway, we didn't know their hours til we arrived so we figured what the heck? We were already there and we'd never tried out our track shoes before. We spent a couple of hours there. I was a lot slower than I used to be and than I wanted to be but I suppose it's to be expected with a combination of age and lack of practice. (I used to sprint all over the place.) Still, it was fun! Killed my hamstrings for the next week but fun. Lol

-Took the dogs out for a jog. I think this was the very next night after track night. Sean and I loaded the kid-cart thing into the Mustang, threw the dogs in, and drove out to Railroad Pass Casino. There, we hopped on the River Mountains Trail Loop and slow jogged out and back a little under 8.5 miles between there and Equestrian Park. Baby (Sausage) jogged most of it with us with her stumpy little legs but Little Girl (Weenie) spent almost 100% of the time in the cart. Even when we took her out to see the sights she just opted to hop back in the cart. XD Can't say we didn't try!

-Ate at Bennihana with Ken and Sherri Lambourne. Sean and I had $40 on a Bennihana gift card Danny had given me for my birthday or something similar a long time ago. It'd been burning a hole in my purse for awhile now so when Ken and Sherri told us they'd be passing through Vegas again we decided to invite them to eat there. We still racked up a big bill there but the gift card made a dent, it was a really nice dinner with them, and we owed them for all their hospitality and everything when we'd visited them in Utah.

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A few recent things: [Sep. 15th, 2017|11:37 pm]

Our Pogo Passes (city pass type things) expired on September 8th. Before they expired, however, we were sure to get value, using several of the offers we had left on them as follows:

-We collected 6 Gameworks hour passes between us (3 each) and even played there a couple of nights. (We saved the rest of the passes for another time.) The games there had all been rearranged since our last visit but they still had DDR, running Supernova 2, and PIU, running Prime. We ran into some friends there during those visits. We saw Avery, Cesar, Kiro, and others we rarely see.

-We visited SeaQuest aquarium, which turned out to be much more awesome than anticipated! We got to touch and see lots of animals, many of which we hadn't even known existed before and not all of which were water-residing creatures. (They also had birds, turtles, scorpions, and much more.)

-We saw a show downtown at The Dome at Container Park. The shows there are much like the overhead light shows that take place at the Fremont Street Experience except that they take place in an air-conditioned dome which is much more secluded and quiet, at least when we went. We opted for their 7pm Led Zeppelin show which consisted of 40 minutes of back-to-back Led Zeppelin hits played over adequate speakers (nothing fancy) while trippy, psychedelic, video images appeared and blended into one another. Being there buzzed might be pretty cool. Being There on drugs might break your head! XD (We were sober though, for the record. Lol) There was no one else in the theater during that particular show that day so, theater to ourselves, we chose to lounge in their one bed-like "seat", rather than sitting in any of their 20-odd fancy, leather-looking seats. I think we made the right choice. Comfy anyway and we enjoyed the show as well. It was odd but amusing! Worth checking out. Once was enough, at least for awhile, but we liked it. :)

-Not Pogo Pass related but also recent: Sean had been mentioning for awhile now that we never do any long runs - or almost any runs in general, really - outside of races. Vegas has been really uncomfortably hot for months now, however, so we haven't been too keen to run here. Accordingly, we devised a plan, at least for one occasion. Last night, we made the drive out to Mount Charleston, Lee Canyon area (57+ miles from home), in the dark to run maybe a half marathon in the cold, almost winter temperatures there. We packed headlamps and all other necessary gear but Sean didn't bring any cold weather attire, despite my nagging him to, so we got less than a mile in when he told me the cold was making his ears hurt. I gave him my jacket but I guess it wasn't enough and he still wanted to go back to the car and be done with it. From there, we drove a boring, alternate route with nothing to see (at least at that time of night) out of there to get back to the 95 freeway home. Welp, that was a big waste of gas and time. :( On the bright side, we saw and even got close to several wild horses, deer, and donkeys there and even got a quick glimpse of a couple of large birds we thought were owls as well as great views of the starry sky you'll never see in Vegas. We managed to get a few blurry pics of the horses too. At least we have that to show for our troubles!

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Broken Finger (from my Facebook post) [Sep. 5th, 2017|02:34 am]

I brokethe index finger onmy right hand almosttwo weeks ago. It still hurts some andis kinda crooked butthe bruising and swellinghave gone away andthe break isn'tonthe joint so flexibility seems unaffected now thatthe swelling'sgone. I don't think I'm gonnasee a doctor for this one. Life'sso short and these things justseem to keep happening. Anyway, Sean's and my schedules havebeen sofull lately I haven'teven gotten aroundto posting about let alone properly dealing with things likethis. I think Ineed to find a way to slow down a bit.

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Some semi-recent stuff [Sep. 4th, 2017|09:55 pm]

-A Socal dance game acquaintance of ours named Jun Chai, who we'd met at a Super Arcade tournament several years back, came to visit Vegas semi-recently. He sent me a message to see if Sean and I wanted to hang out. We didn't know him all that well and had barely spoken to him, perhaps only a word or two at that tournament, but we were definitely down to make friends out of acquaintances and maybe use the occasion as an excuse to switch on a dance game or two. So we invited Jun over and he showed up ready to dance game with us. None of us had been actively playing in forever but we figured we'd try. Well, Sean hopped on the PIU machine while Jun and I tried to play some ITG. Jun and I got a bit too distracted by chatting, catching up, getting better acquainted, and drinking though and only ended up playing a few songs. That's okay though! It wound up being a fun night and eventually we ended up joining Sean in the garage where I watched the two of them goof off on some mission thing on the PIU machine. Not sure whether it was the next night or the one after but Jun wound up having more free time again and coming back by our house to hang out once again. This time, he brought a fancy, $70 bottle of Japanese whiskey. We again attempted a few dance game songs but mostly chatted and hung out while Sean played. When we finally gave up on playing, we switched on some Netflix and tried to watch a horror movie while doing whiskey shots. I think we must've been too distracted by the convo or just too drunk from about a billion shots though because halfway thru the movie I realized I didn't even know what it was about. Lol That's okay, I made a new friend! And when I REALLY got too drunk he followed me out to the pool to keep me company while I hopped in, perhaps thinking it would sober me up a bit, before puking all over the place. Haha Needless to say, I had a teensy hangover the next day and didn't entirely remember everything but I think what I mentioned pretty much covers the gist of it. It was a pretty good time anyway!

-On August 2nd, Sean and I used a LivingSocial deal we'd bought and joined Costco. We got tons of great perks for doing so and wound up applying for their credit card too. We'll probably cancel it all in a year so we can take advantage of the new member deals at Sam's Club or something - just keep alternating - but for now we've got a good thing. We paid $60 for the membership and got cash back for buying thru Ebates using my Ebates credit card. We got $40 in Costco cash cards (like gift cards), a pizza, a big pack of paper towel, a 24 pack of Kirkland vitamin water, and some other cool coupons as sign up promotions for the membership and credit card. Now, we'll get 4% cash back whenever we buy already cheap Costco gas or other qualifying gas elsewhere, 3% cash back whenever we buy anything else at Costco, 2% cash back on travel purchases, and 1% cash back on everything else (though I'd actually use a card that offers a higher percent of cash back for that last one). On top of that, lots of tasty free samples for the next year. Probably gonna spend all $40 of those cash cards in the cafe there too. Lol

-Also on August 2nd, I joined EOS Fitness. Sean didn't join but he didn't need to. I got a pretty epic deal and can bring him with me for free. So here's the deal I got: I pay $9.95 now and get to use any EOS gym (locations all over Socal, Vegas, and Phoenix areas currently) for free until their newest location, 2 miles from our house, opens this November. Sean can't come with me until that new location opens, at which point my membership officially starts. The $9.95 covers that first month because of their new club opening promotion which also allows me to use the gym for free up til then. Once the gym opens, I'll officially be a member and can bring Sean with me anytime. (In the meantime, he's happy playing PIU while I hit up the gym.) After that first month, I pay a $39.95 annual fee and $22.95 monthly for Gold Plus (their highest) membership, which is what allows me to bring Sean, participate in classes, visit any EOS locations (including Platinum), use the cinema (workout in a big theater room) and all other amenities, etc. Fancy. :p Its month-to-month too so, though their rates are guaranteed for a year at a time (rates are "locked in" annually once the annual fee is paid), I can cancel with 30 days notice. Not shabby for what it is! They've got pools, saunas, and lots of other nice things too and they're open 24 hours! It's not my favorite gym ever but I really can't beat the deal with all the perks for the price right now.

-Sean and I still have Pogo Pass attractions we need to check out before our passes expire on Sept 8th. We knocked out a good one on August 12th though: we went to Cowabunga Bay with Jesse, Afro, and a bunch of their friends. They had Groupons, we used our Pogo Passes, and we all spent a good few hours going on water slides together.

-August 12th was also the peak of the Perseids Meteor Shower. Of course, we couldn't see any meteors during the day while the sun was out but that night Sean and I drove out to the El Dorado Dry Lake Bed area (recommended by our friend East) with our dogs, a baton, and a little booze. It was dark and quiet there with only the faint glow of Vegas lights northwest of us and the occasional passing vehicle to disrupt us. We got cozy by the car, twirling my baton to give us something to do while we sipped a little booze, played with our pups, and stared up at the sky at the meteors that sped by. We were probably there a good couple of hours, the last hour of which was spent meandering with the dogs before crazy dancing any remaining alcohol out of our systems while listening to the most random, old dance music as well as other random crap. We danced with each other and the doggies, climbed all over each other, and laughed til our faces ached before finally heading home to continue the party with food, Netflix, and each other. ^.^

-Not too long ago, LivingSocial had a promotion where they offered $10 off any deal of $15 or more. I tried to use it but couldn't get the code to work properly. I contacted customer support and they issued me a $10 credit. I didn't end up using the credit til they had a sale day though, making the deal I was trying to use it on $2 cheaper. (The deal was originally $16 for $30 worth of Indian food.)  In the end, I wound up paying $4 for the deal BEFORE all my Ebates and credit card cash back. A couple of weeks later, Sean and I drove down to the restaurant to claim our meal. The place: Pure Indian Cuisine. It was 4.7 miles/10 minutes from our house on Sunset Rd, right next to the airport. It was upstairs and had big windows with great views of the Las Vegas strip and the planes taking off and landing. The place was nice, atmosphere was decent (possibly almost romantic with the right company), the service was fantastic, and the food was great. We ended up ordering more like $35 or $40 worth of food there because it was so good. We got 2 entrees and 1 side and ended up with tons of leftovers, getting like 2 or 3 meals for 2 people out of it and only paying like $15 to $20 at most out of pocket INCLUDING the LivingSocial deal and tip! You can't beat that!

-An annoying thing happened the other day: I got really upset about something and slammed a piece of an empty, broken, wooden picture frame I'd been meaning to fix up down on the floor. I apparently didn't notice a hard metal object nearby and ended up sandwiching the pointer finger on my right hand between the piece of wood and the metal thing. Owwww!! My finger got all bruised and weirdly crunchy and horrible. I mean, it was just a little fracture on the inside side of the finger above the middle joint. It could've been much worse but still annoying! I kept bumping it on things and making it worse in the days that followed. It wasn't really worth the hassle of seeing a doctor imo thought so I just cut and hollowed out a small cylinder of packaging foam and shoved my finger in there for now. Hopefully that'll do the trick and let it heal. *shrugs*

-Awhile back, I posted about a pigeon we'd rescued. When we found him, he was motionless, lying on his back in a Burger King parking lot. After under 2 weeks, he was good as new, flying around and trying to escape! After under 2 weeks, he was good as new, flying around and trying to escape! We decided to set him free again at Sunset Park down the road from us. As soon as we let him out, he flew straight off, landing on the nearest tall object, glancing at us from a distance for a few last moments before we'd never see him again. Almost bittersweet! :']

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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2017|04:45 am]

Sean and I found a pigeon just lying there on his back in the middle of a parking lot earlier. He can still get a bit feisty but can't currently fly, can barely hobble at all, and prefers just lying on his back napping. We got him to gulp down a fair amount of water but he doesn't want to eat and pretty much just wants sleep. Not sure whether he's gonna last much longer but he's made it about 9 hours since we first found him. He's a fighter! We'll just have to see now. (And yes, I know he's covered in germs and diseases and such and is considered a pest. Idc. I think he's sweet.)

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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2017|06:47 pm]

A funny thing happened today: I had a dream last night that left me thinking when I woke up. It caused me to realize something about myself for the first time. Nearly every breakup I've had in the past was my choice or instigated by me in one way or another when I was just over the relationship. What I discovered this morning (technically 2pm, when I woke up) was about the handful that weren't. Even if they weren't that impressive and I wasn't really that into them at the time, they left me feeling hurt, usually for a long time, typically until I managed to revisit them and end them MY way. I needed to have the upper hand. I needed to decide when it was over. I needed them to show me again that they wanted me just long enough for me to be the one to decide they couldn't have me. Each time, I thought I just couldn't get over the person and when I finally did I truly believed it was just due to enough time passing for me to actually heal. Truth is, I'm seeing now, it was just me managing to get back in there and find that I COULD still have them if I wanted to. Once that was established, I didn't need them anymore. I was over it. It had nothing to do with them; it had to do with me and this emotional flaw of mine. I always survived this way though. If I gave it enough years, they always seemed to come crawling back or, at the very least, letting me back in juuuuust long enough for me to tell them how uninterested I actually was. Apparently, I needed a rematch so I could "win" at every relationship. I couldn't lose or draw. Since I obviously didn't realize what was happening, I didn't see just how unhealthy it was and how wrong of a way of getting over a person it was. I just thought I'd been mistaken about them all this time or that they had changed or that we'd grown apart.. In reality, they'd been all wrong for me from the start. I just needed to be confident that splitting with them was not only my choice but also what I actually wanted - NOT what THEY wanted. (How selfish of me!) Unfortunately, throughout my dating life there was almost always a "one-who-got-away" (occasionally replaced by a new "one-who-got-away") and waiting around for them to come crawling back for me to fix myself emotionally WHILE maintaining a relationship with someone else was not only impractical and unhealthy for me but also hurtful to the person I was with at the time and detrimental to any future relationship. I got by but there was almost always one... I've almost always felt, at least distantly recurring when something raises a memory, that frustration of that one unresolved breakup. Now that I'm happily married (over 5 years now!), I'm lucky enough to, hopefully, not have to worry about accumulating any further such heartaches going forward so this discovery may seem largely useless to me now but I'm not so certain. It may have taken me 29 years of life to learn this small thing about myself but getting to know yourself better is always an invaluable thing imo. Besides, like I said, there was almost always that one breakup looming over future my relationships. Now, knowing that it was never him - that it was always only just me - means that there doesn't have to be. Actually, it means that there isn't. Not ever again will I have to waste emotions while waiting to once again get the approval of just another ex. Damn,..it was never him! It was never any of them! It was just me being a sore loser. LMAO Well, I feel really freakin liberated right about now. Suddenly, I feel like I have a heart made of steel. I can't believe that something that's been this huge in my life could be washed away practically overnight with nothing more than a dream that led to an eye-opening realization. Then again, isn't that how so many of the greatest achievements of the human mind begin, with a random mental spark from the most unlikely of places? Anyway, time to go enjoy life even more now that this unfathomable amount of figurative weight has been lifted. I might just be unstoppable now!

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Recently.. [Jul. 26th, 2017|05:01 am]

-Yet a third company now has paid us $300 for global distribution rights for that damn opossum video we took! Lol

-July 11th is always free slurpee day at 7 Eleven but they were so busy this year some stores were totally out of slurpees and others had ridiculous lines. We gave up on the 7 Eleven thing but found that there were other restaurants celebrating the date for some reason: Weinserschitzel had $0.56 hot dogs and chili dogs for their 56th anniversary and Chick-Fil-A apparently gives free entrees or meals on this date annually when you dress up in cow attire - meals for "full cow", entrees for anything less than that. We didn't bother with any other deals but I made quick cow pants and shirts for Sean and me this morning but apparently it wasn't quite enough. Apparently we still needed udders to get the whole meal free. That's okay; we got delicious chicken sandwiches for free and can add some udders on to get meals next year!

-A lot of people can be extremely wasteful. We especially notice this on trash days. One recent Tuesday, for example, we were out and about late at night and noticed a lot of valuable things sticking out of our neighbors' trashes. I hate to be ghetto and trash dog but I can't lie, sometimes our Tuesday or even Friday nights end up consumed by picking things up from peoples' trashes and sorting all our findings at home. This last time, we found a fully working flat screen tv that was the perfect size for PIU! We took it home and Sean made a mount for it and installed in in Pump! We also found tons of brand new and pricey clothes with tags still on, a speaker, shoes, furniture, and lots more the same night! From it all, we got a lot of gifts, lots to donate, some to keep, and some to yard sale. Not bad at all for a quick scoop of freebies that would otherwise be in a landfill right now!

-It was a pain in the ass getting done but we drove to one of the social security offices in town the other day and finally replaced Sean's I-TIN with a social security number! Still gotta transferred his past tax payments to his SSN but one thing at a time!

-Somewhat on the same side of town at the Social Security office, Sean and I went to Get Air trampoline park (formwrly Rockin' Jump) using our Pogo Passes, which gave us each one free visit! There were way too many kids there but we still managed to get a mini workout and have a little fun!

-The day after Get Air, Sean and I tried to visit another Social Security office to try and transfer his prior tac payments. They gave us a really hard time though and we didn't manage to get it done together BUT we DID manage to use our Pogo Passes for yet another cool venue: the Lion Habitat Ranch down near the M casino. I personally felt that the name of the place really misrepresented it, as there were lots of animals in the place that were not lions and that were much more visible and accessible than the lions, but that didn't matter. We got to see some lions, birds (ranging from parrots up to ostrich), an adorable 3 year old giraffe! I felt bad for the animals constantly out in the heat with very little shade - it was really so hot! We donated a bit of money to the cause, which will hopefully go to getting the animals situated more comfortably, but it was still amazing to see such large and wonderful creatures!

-Annually, a lot of our friends come to Vegas for the fighting game tournament EVO. Usually a few of them message us and try to coordinate hanging out with us while they're here. This time, only my friend Brian Roberts got in touch but we were pretty busy with work and stuff anyway so that was okay. Anyway, Brian took the bus over to our place one night and we just hung out for HOURS chatting and catching up. He even told me stories I never knew about how he used to like me and how some of the guys I used to date like Alonso Estrada and Jon Gonzales used to "punk" him and threaten him, in Alonso's case just for hanging out with me and in Jon's case for snitching to me that Jon had said he was only with me to use me for my stuff and money. Apparently my ex John King, who's virginity I took, is now a major womanizer too. Lol Wow, I gotta hang with Brian more often. I learn so much! We stayed up late chatting but Sean eventually got tired so I drove Brian back to the Luxor, where he was staying with some friends, while Sean napped in the backseat with the doggies. We said goodbyes but would hopefully get to meet and hang out again soon!

-We've missed our friend Ken Lambourne and his wife every time they've driven thru Vegas in the past year or two, or so it seems, but we managed to catch them this last time. We met them at their favorite Vegas sushi restaurant Kaizen near the Hard Rock Casino for the first time in a long time and pigged out on lots of Japanese food! Mmm.. Sean and I will actually be headed to Utah to visit them shortly as well so we spent some of dinner making plans for that! 

-Josh Thomas came to Vegas to hang with some of his family. Coincidentally, his visit overlapped his 27th birthday so we had him over and made him some birthday muffins (quicker than cupcakes) and even lit them up with 27 candles at just about midnight - the start of his birthday! We had East and his friend Brian Redman, who I'm not sure whether Sean had met before but who I'd apparently met at an arcade (Sam's Town probably, possibly Gemini) once before, over that night as well. Danny came down for a little bit but had to be up early so he didn't stick around too long before heading to bed. The rest of us stuck it out for several hours. We drank, smoked a little weed (hey, I never do it but it's legal here now and one or two of them had some!), played some dance games, and chilled. Redman started getting pretty drunk though and, though it was a great laugh for us all, East eventually decided it was time he got him home. We said goodnight to them and then Josh, Sean, and I stayed up, eventually putting on some creepy ghost stories on Netflix before finally calling it a night. Josh crashed on the couch for a few hours before getting up and having to do some conference calls on his phone. Sean and I got up an hour or two later and joined him downstairs to chill again briefly before playing just a few minutes of dance games. Then his dad arrived to pick him up. Later that night, however, he came back by for another night of dance gaming and hanging out! It was a quieter night but Afro came by for a short while for the first time in forever after he got off work and Danny hung out for awhile again. We played dance games a little again til Afro headed home and Danny said goodnight. With just the 3 of us left, we decided to do something more relaxing and I watched Sean and Josh play some Punch-Out on the Nintendo(?). Then Josh slept in the side room qhuke Sean and I got in some sleep in our room. One last morning with him the next day and he was headed back to Socal til next time!

-One of the companies we sold that opposum video sent us their finished product and we got to see how our video fit into their awesome, hilarious drink commercial. So cool!!!

- While looking for crickets for my spider tonight, we caught a little lizard in our backyard! He looked like albino but I think he was just a baby. So cute! We played with him briefly before letting him go again.

-The last day of our month free trial gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness was today 7/25/17. Looks like it'll be maybe a year from today before we can go back to use any more free passes. Lol In the meantime, though, we're actually looking at our options for getting a regular gym membership together somewhere!

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