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Misc Recent Stuff: [Feb. 12th, 2017|09:40 pm]

I'll have to post about our recent trips later because there's just too much to say but here are a few smaller recent things we've done:

-Sean and I used our Vegas Pogo Passes (multi-attraction passes we bought from LivingSocial, I believe) to go bowling at Sunset Station. We were supposed to get 1 free game there (as well as quite a few other places) per month but we don't really bowl so it was our first time using that perk. They actually gave us two free games instead of one, though we got bored after one and left. The first one was kinda fun though. We got a couple of $1 margaritas each at the bar to take in with us and sipped as we bowled. It was a ridiculous $4 per pair of rental shoes so we just shared a pair. In the end, I ended up winning 118 to 92 - almost definitely a record for me! Completely irrelevant since neither of us bowl but I had to enjoy the ultra-rare moment of beating Sean at SOMETHING for a moment. Lol

-Gold Spike, in addition to the replacement places in other cities, has been hosting free "Down and Derby" skate nights where they designate an area of their property for skating and even offer free skate rentals. At Gold Spike, their skate nights have been the first and third Wednesdays of each month, I believe. One night, Sean and I decided to check it out. We had our own rollerblades (which we'd only used once before) so we took them with us and skated the night away! It was really fun and a nice way to mix up our workouts. We actually got pretty warm despite it being held outdoors in the cold! We ALMOST gave in and bought some drinks there, like most people, but the prices were just a bit much for what they were. After skating, we went back inside the main building and "danced"/goofed off to jams the deejay was playing before leaving, accidentally not having spent a penny. Oops! Well, if they lower their drink prices by $1 each, we'll happily make up for all the drinks we didn't by next time!

-For Danny's birthday, we did the Denny's dinner thing for at least the third year running now. Avery, his little brother Morgan, Naomi, Latrice, Latrice's new boyfriend, and even John Bove and his current girlfriend who were apparently in town came out for it. Made for a fun couple hours of catching up!

-The Tuesday after Denny's, John, his girlfriend, Danny, Sean, and I went to eat at Sweet Tomatoes.

-On January 24th, Sean and I decided to check out Las Vegas Athletic Club for the first time using a free day pass we signed up for through their website. We decided on visiting the Maryland and Sahara location. They didn't have a cool running track like some of their other locations but the gym was huge and did have lots of amenities. After a jog on on of their treadmills, I tried a couple of their other machines and then joined Sean in the pool area. We tried their hot tub, steam room, and sauna there too. So nice! Very nice, spacious gym.

-The next day, on Jan 25th, we started a free 7 day trial at a new gym called Universal Fitness Club just a block away from the Flamingo and Pecos Planet Fitness location I used to go to. They hadn't had their grand opening yet and their location was kind of far back in a quiet parking lot so it wasn't very busy but was peaceful with a wide-open layout and lots of windows so members could enjoy the sunshine and keep an eye on their vehicles while working out. They had fun climbing frames, a cardio room, lots of weights, an outdoor weight area, a spinning room, a HUGE mirror room, some unused rooms, gender-separated rooms in the locker rooms, and more.

-Resident Evil: The Final Chapter came out recently. Taking advantage of their Tuesday night deal, Marquee, Avery, Naomi, Danny, Sean, and I went to see it at The Orleans in their super nice theater with fancy, reclining seats for only $5 each. Others might disagree but I thought it was totally epic (both the movie and the theater :p)!

-Sean got PIU working on our machine. I've never really played on our machine but we have the option again now. According to Sean, we can now run Exceed 2 to Prime 2 and/or Stepmania. We only have a little computer monitor hooked up to it but it works well, we can always put something bigger on later, and the pads are already pretty good as far as old pads go! We tried it out for 1.5 hours or so a couple of weeks ago when Sean first fixed the machine. (I mostly watched but tried a few songs.) Hopefully, we'll get inspired and play it more sometime.