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Running Shoes? [Mar. 16th, 2017|09:21 am]

Last week or so, I ran on a treadmill on 3 consecutive days:

The first day, I wore some cheap and lightweight (6.29oz each) Champion shoes that I normally walk around in. They're not quality running shoes or anything - just crappy things I paid $1 for. I felt fine after an hour of casual jogging though.

The second day, I wore some 10.41oz per shoe grey and pink Asics trail shoes (also purchased for a dollar or two at a thrift store). These are the ones I've worn for the 3 longer races I've done semi-recently (a 15+ mile hilly trail run, a flat and paved 1/2 marathon, and a fairly flat and paved full marathon). I felt like absolute crap throughout and after a slow hour of jogging with necessary walking breaks I was done.

The third day, not sure if the differences between days one and two were due to fatigue or the shoes, I tried day one's shoes again as an experiment. This time, I ran the exact same pace I'd started day two at but didn't end up needing walking breaks at all and, instead, ended up running my longest run yet without any walking breaks (aside from two two minute walks to and from the water fountain to refill drink bottles and one minute total of getting the treadmill up to/down from speed). After the first 13 or so miles of maintaining that slow speed, just to continue the shoe experiment, I still had tons of energy so I ramped up my pace lots til I was running a 7:30 mile pace towards the end. (Didn't compensate at all for the first 13 miles though and it still took me a total of 2 hours and 38 minutes, including the 5 minutes of water and treadmill starting and stopping breaks, start to finish but whatever.) Aside from the mind-numbing boredom, I was just fine this time.

All three days were done on treadmill with 0 incline. The only major difference was the shoes. I don't have any shoes I'd call my "regular" shoes. I've run fairly equally in a number of shoes from 6oz to 14oz per shoe. I haven't run a ton of long distance or hilly runs, however, so when I wore the pink and grey Asics for my recent long races I just assumed those were the issues - not the shoes themselves. After trying them on an easy and flat treadmill run for an hour and having the same problems I did on race day though, I'm starting to think it's partly the shoes. I was seriously just fine in my crappy, lightweight ones. Still, based on my research I probably need something better and with more padding if I'm gonna be working on distance (which I am, considering my 50k is at the end of April).

I know Sean needs new shoes too because every time he runs distance he ends up losing multiple toenails and getting tons of horrific blisters. (I usually just get a few blisters.) I'm afraid his toes are gonna come off!

Now, I came across this quiz: https://www.buzzfeed.com/shannonrosenberg/best-running-shoe-quiz?utm_term=.rwA0wj8Po#.plvLg72xX

..but I don't want to suddenly run out and break the bank on running shoes that might not work for me based on one thing I've read online. In fact, Sean and I are really not looking to spend much at all on shoes unless we absolutely have to and will probably end up picking some up at a thrift store or mayyyyybe eBay'ing some inexpensive, crappy colored ones to try and get some comfort without going broke.

I'm thinking we'll both need normal pronation, medium padding shoes for running (ideally) 20-35 miles per week. I'm gonna go with women's 10s for comfort and he'll need men's 14s. If possible, I think shoes that work well for road running and some trail running are best but road running is more important to me since most of our runs will likely be on pavement or treadmill. Also, I'm absolutely crap on hills. Not sure if that needs to be taken into account when choosing shoes?

So, can anyone offer opinions or suggestions for us? Any personal experiences to share with the shoes suggested in the aforementioned quiz or other running shoes? Do any of you have big feet and want to trade or maybe sell some shoes?