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How is it weird, wrong, and potentially cause for anything from… - JOKR [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 20th, 2017|01:53 pm]

How is it weird, wrong, and potentially cause for anything from being issued a fine to being registered as a sex offender for me to undress in front of adults, even close friends my own age, when its perfectly fine for celebrities, including fat and hairy ones, to whip out all their parts in front of millions of strangers - anyone 17+ - without most people so much as flinching? Most of you would be upset or uncomfortable in some way if I just started stripping down in front of you, even for the most innocent of reasons (such as changing into cleaner or more appropriate clothes), and yet most people would think a person was a weirdo and a prude if he/she had a problem going to a movie with a scene depicting topless women in a strip club. Oh, and it's perfectly normal to watch a sex scene - ass, tits, and maybe more on screen - calmly in a theater but if people even vaguely describe sexual experiences they've had on Facebook or post pictures of their nipples everyone freaks out. Additionally, people accept that big hairy bushes or clean shaven pussies are fine and dandy on the big screen but God forbid we see a peen with a bit of wood.

You know Facebook doesn't even allow people to post photos of foreign communities of people whose custom it is not to wear shirts if any of the people shown in the photos are female? Oh, but if a woman is breastfeeding in public it may arguably be okay for her to pull a boob out because suddenly the boob isn't necessarily offensive since it's functional. Or is it still offensive anyway? Apparently that's still undecided in a lot of places and still makes most people uneasy. Guys titties are fine though, even though they pretty much never serve a purpose. Why is that? Just because they're typically flat? Well, my titties are flatter than half the dudes I know. Why do I have to cover up when they don't even have to put on a bra? And if fatty tissue is really the only issue with boob-showing, why can't stick-figured ladies give their upper halves some air while we force all the guys with love handles to cover up?

Why does everyone keep playing along like this all makes sense?! It's driving me crazy!!