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New Running Shoes! - JOKR [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New Running Shoes! [Mar. 29th, 2017|10:11 pm]

Sean and I finally broke down and spent a little money on new shoes. We checked some thrift stores and picked up a cool pair of shoes each ($2.50 for a black and red pair of New Balance Minimus for me and Sean got some cool Nikes!) but we still needed something better for distance running. Unwilling to pay retail prices, we scoped our eBay and other options and wound up with Hoka Clifton 2 size 14s for Sean for $53, Saucony Triumph Iso 2 size 10.5 for $23 for me, and Hoka Conquest (not sure which) size 10.5 for me for $20. The colors weren't all ideal and sizes weren't exactly what was recommended to us but we really couldn't complain for the price and I think the sizes will be close enough. (Also, shipping was included in amounts mentioned above but the amounts were before Ebates and credit card cash back!) Reasons for our choices: I wasn't initially inclined to buy such highly padded shoes (and definitely didn't want to spend more than a few dollars on a pair) but after discussing our running goals, aches and pains, etc with employees at the running shop they recommended level 5/max padding. I was under the impression that this would significantly slow me down but, after trying 6 pairs on, I realized that the extra padding didn't add a whole lot of weight. Instead, it felt absolutely amazing on my feet and legs, like walking around on cloud bubbles. I was then confident that the increased comfort would much more than make up for the minimal amount of additional weight since our legs would likely hold up a lot better, especially considering Sean and I are a long way off trained athletes whose legs are conditioned for crazy distance running. Of the shoes I tried on, the Saucony Triumph ISO 3s felt the best by far with Brooks Glycerin 14s (I think they're called?) coming in second. Also, the Saucony Triumph ISOs are now using that same Everun technology cushioning as the Adidas Boost shoes in a couple of spots on the shoes. Yay energy return as well as cushioning! Hokas felt pretty cool too and were highly recommended to us by a lot of trail runners we met so Sean opted for those and stumbled across a cool pair for me in the process. :)