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Semi-Recent Misc - JOKR [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Semi-Recent Misc [Apr. 15th, 2017|02:59 am]

Groupon has had a lot of laser hair removal deals on it lately so I did tons of research and got the very best deal I could find in any state or country I'm likely to visit soon. Starting small just to try it out, I just chose a deal for 8 treatments on one small area: my armpits. I figured it was as good a place as any, one of only two places I shave daily (guess the other!), and wouldn't leave me broke if I wasn't happy with the results for any reason. (Can't remember exactly but I think I spent somewhere between $40 and $60 after all discounts.) The place I chose: Jazzy Laser Spa, 2213 North Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, NV, 89014#101 Henderson, NV 89014. So I went in for my first appointment on 3/7/17. They had lots of candy and free snacks in the lobby when we arrived and the place felt inviting for its size. Being my first visit, I did a couple of pages of paperwork and I was in! They had me put protective eyewear on so I couldn't see what was going on but after about 5 minutes of machine setting 260 (or something like that) treatment in which the only feeling I had was was of felt cold gel being rubbed on the target area, I was done! Now, I'm not sure if the cold gel thing was what was really going on and that that feeling masked the laser or if that's just how the laser felt but it sure as hell didn't hurt at all and I was done in no time! No irritation at any point after either. Second appointment was 4/4/17. Since I didn't have any irritation last time, they turned up the power on the machine a bit this time. It stung a bit more but not bad at all - just like mini rubber bands snapping. Next appointment next month!

I recently closed my Chase United Mileage Plus credit card and merged my $7.8k credit with my $6k Chase Freedom card to avoid Mileage Plus' upcoming annual fee charge. (I still have my Capital One and Amazon cards, at least for now.) With new room in my wallet for it, I replaced the Mileage Plus card with a new $5k limit Bank of America Bank Americard Travel Rewards card with benefits on par with the Freedom card but with a bonus $200 (for spending $1k in the first 3 months or something basic like that that we'd be doing anyway) and no foreign transaction fees. Time to do some overseas shopping! :p

We went to Nevada Climbing Centers recently to use our Pogo (city) Passes' 1-time day passes and do some climbing. JESUS our arms were dead within an hour!

Climbing in my normal shoes at Nevada Climbing Centers didn't really hinder me but I figured climbing shoes of my own might be a worthwhile investment since we keep going. Accordingly, I found a good condition pair on Craigslist and went to pick them up. They were navy and black and super tight but for $15 and considering the money I'll save I'd say they were worth it. Besides, I think the size should be ideal for climbing and they're really hardly used. Nice having my own shoes! Sean already had shoes and we have chalk, a harness, and other supplies so we're pretty much ready to go!

Sean managed to get my period flowing for me again on 3/12/17. Not exactly sure how this always seems to happen  (him poking it lose, I mean) but I DO have a theory: the approach of that time of the month = hormones that try and get me to f*** so that I'll get preggers. Lol

Semi-recently, we cleaned most of the house and rearranged everything in preparation for inviting friends over for a get together. We only managed to get a handful of people out including Dylan, Reggie, Rob Williams, Anna Blair, Darwin, and Darwin's gf. We actually played dance games for a bit though and the house is looking great at the moment!

Doing a little crafting lately, we made a cool race number display to hang our race bibs on. I love it!

We've done a terrible job of preparing for our upcoming races lately but we have done a bit of running. We ran the Red Rock Scenic Loop again slowly quite a few weeks back, this time the same direction as traffic, and saw some deer along the way. Sean ran with me, though I was VERY slow, despite lots of walking breaks, and had a really rough time. I actually decided to call it quits about 2 miles from finishing the loop and have Sean go back for the car on his own while I waited at the lookout for him to come rescue me. Lol

We signed up for lots of races lately including using volunteer credit we had to sign up for this year's Spartan Tahoe race 9/30/17 - 10/1/17. Gonna get to watch the World Championships this time!

We've bought some fun things off eBay lately, some practical and some not. We even got spy watches and spy glasses to get sneaky videos sometime!

One recent Tuesday, we went to the dollar movie theater down the street. They were playing a sequel to The Ring - the scariest horror movie ever, imo. I HAD to see it and was not disappointed. As always with any Ring movies, it scared the crap out of me! I won't say those movies are the greatest ever but I'm particularly fond of them and they always get my heart rate up!

Using out Pogo Passes again, we went to carting recently at Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix. I drove around like a granny but I felt like I was going fast and we both had a blast!

Not far from there and also using our Pogo Passes, we stopped in Battle Blast Laser Tag for a quick laser tag session!

I started getting a lot of headaches again recently so I scheduled an appointment to get looked at. After a consultation, I was scheduled to come back for something called an EEG. Still waiting on the results from that 3/28/17 EEG but I think everything will come back normal. Its just the next step before they give me some kind of meds. I just had to lay there in the dark with my eyes closed and lots of sticky stuff on head and chest, have a light strobed at me at different speeds for a moment, breathe with my mouth open for 3 minutes, and then just lie there for a long time.  Fun stuff. 

On the same side of town as the headache place, the go cart place, and the laser tag place is a cool thrift store Sean and I had been to once before. We had another couple looks these past two times we found ourselves in the area for my headache appointments. On one of these visits, on 3/22/17, we arrived not long before the thrift store's closing time. As we were looking around, however, we found a wedding dress. All clothes were 75% off at the time so the dress was down to $25 (from $99). I didn't even have time to think but I snagged it up. It wasn't exactly what I though I wanted in a wedding dress but it wasn't NOT what I wanted, if that makes sense, and it was GORGEOUS. Besides that, I needed a dress for the vow renewal I want to plan for Sean and me (hopefully next year?) and I'm not likely to find anything remotely as nice for the price anytime soon!

During check out for a flight I tried to book thru Priceline recently, I was offered a Priceline credit card. I wasn't going to bother but they offered me $50 account credit for applying. I still haven't used the card but I did apply, did receive a $5000 credit limit, and should be getting my $50 account credit after I start spending? (I'll probably close the card sometime not too long after that though.)

We went for a run (7.73 miles for me, about 1 mile more for Sean) in Boulder City, NV from Railroad Pass Casino to Bootleg Canyon to try out the new Hoka shoes we'd bought recently. Outward was mostly uphill, back was mostly down, and shoes worked pretty well. Hard to say much about them after just one run but I think they'll do us well (and we decided to use them at our Woodside Crossover race in Cali not long after!).

Sean's cousin and his wife and two kids came to Vegas recently. On April 6th at 8pm, we met up with them outside the NYNY casino where they were staying. We all chatted, walked the strip together, saw the sights, stopped for the water show at Bellagio, and went to eat at some Italian restaurant in the shops in front of Bally's (near Wahlbergers!). So good to meet and chat with them and hope we get the chance again sometime!

Before the 4/13/17 price increase, Sean, Alex Sanchez/figgies, and I all signed up to run the Revel Canyon City downhill marathon in Socal (near Alex's work) on Nov 4th this year. Guess we'd better keep running and try to stay in shape!