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Aleta Ewing

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8 May 1988
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Name: Aleta Lucretia Ewing
Description: ITG, DDR, and occassional PIU player
Alias: JOKR

DDR,ITG (and now PIU!) history: I started playing Dance Dance Revolution on 8th mix/Extreme in the summer of 2003 on June 27th at the Oh Wow Nickel Arcade in Merced, CA. I got addicted and went to that arcade everyday for about 270 days after the day I started. When DDR was replaced by In The Groove in October '04 I was pissed. I refused to play and was about to quit going to the arcade until I heard someone play While the Rekkid Spinz and Zodiac-I had to try those songs, just once..Then I got hooked. It took some time to get used to ITG. I didn't like it much at first cuz I wasn't good at it and I felt like playing it made me a traitor. I was a hardcore DDR fangirl. After awhile tho, I just about quit DDR (except when I traveled, since the majority of machines were still DDR) cuz there was no working DDR machine in Merced other than a 4th Plus Solo with crappy pads. Instead, I got hardcore into ITG2 at the Oh Wow Nickel Arcade and ended up working there for seven months, going to school at Merced College, and playing ITG in ALL of my free time. ~I even took my homework to the arcade with me and did my studying between games.~ At the end of the seven months, I took a trip to Vegas to meet up with Rivvy, WinDeu, Chris Foy, Kyle Ward, and a bunch of others for ASI, where I tried Pump It Up Pro for the first time. It was fun. I decided I'd start playing PIU...eventually. I also walked around the strip while I was in Vegas and played all the dancing games I could find in the area. I had such a good time I decided to move to Vegas, where I could finally play on dedis, pump, and DDR machines whenever I wanted (including the middle of the night)! I've been in Vegas since April 6th, getting to know the awesome communities there (particularly Sam's Town, South Point, and Circus Circus) and don't yet have any plans to leave the area, except for tournies, itg events, etc. I still need to play more pump and I need to start playing dancing games more in general again (so busy making that $$$, you know? =p ), but one of these days I think I'm gonna make the effort to get uber and all so expect and to be seeing a little more of and hearing quite a bit more from me.

Locations played at in CA: 352 different DDR/ITG machines (count original number of machines at first visit of location/pics of every one of them) in 280 places in 149 cities:
Alameda, Albany, Alhambra, Anaheim, Antioch, Apple Valley, Arcadia, Bakersfield, Berkeley, Brentwood, Buena Park, Burbank, Camarillo, Carmichael, Castaic, Castro Valley, Chatsworth, Chico, Citrus Heights, City of Commerce, City of Industry, Clovis, Colma, Colton, Concord, Covina, Cypress, Daly City, Diamond Bar, Downey, Dublin, Elk Grove, El Segundo, Fairfield, Fountain Valley, Fremont, Fresno, Gilroy, Glendale, Glendora, Goleta, Granada Hills, Grass Valley, Hanford, Hayward, Huntington Beach, Huntington Park, La Habra, La Jolla, Lake Forest, Lakewood, Lancaster, Livermore, Lompoc, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Madera, Manteca, MERCED, Milpitas, Mission Hills, Mission Viejo, Modesto, Montebello, Monterey, Moreno Valley, Mountain View, Newark, Newbury Park, North Hollywood, Norwalk, Oakhurst, Ontario, Orange, Oroville, Oxnard, Pacifica, Palmdale, Paradise, Paso Robles, Pinole, Pismo Beach, Pleasant Hill, Porterville, Poway, Rancho Cucamunga, Redlands, Redondo Beach, Redwood City, Rialto, Richmond, Riverbank, Riverside, Rohnert Park, Roseville, Rowland Heights, Sacramento, Salida, Salinas, San Bernadino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Leandro, San Rafael, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Santa Clarita, Santa Cruz, Santa Maria, Santa Monica, Scotts Valley, Selma, Simi Valley, Shermen Oaks, Soledad, South El Monte, South Gate, South San Francisco, Stockton, Studio City, Suisun, Sunnyvale, Tarzana, Thousand Oaks, Torrance, Tracy, Tulare, Turlock, Upland, Vacaville, Valencia, Vallejo, Van Nuys, Ventura, Victorville, Visalia, Walnut, Walnut Creek, West Covina, Westminster, Westwood, Whittier, Woodland, & Yuba City.

Locations played at outside CA:
**July 2nd-5th 2005: Utah and Nevada-several locs incl.: Nickelcade, Golden Nugget, Harrah's
**January 13th 2006: Vegas, NV (for NAT'05)-2 locs: Circus Circus-tourney loc, Sahara Hotel & Casino (Nascar Cafe)
**June 1st-? 2006: Lubbock, TX-2 locs: Putt-Putt, Brunswick
**June 10th, 11th 2006: Austin, TX (doubles & freestyle nationals) and preceeding trip-Garland and Fort Worth, TX-3 locs: Cyberzone, Cybertown, Red Lion Hotel-tourney loc
**July 26th 2006: Seattle, WA-1 loc: Acme Bowl
**August 1st 2006: Vancouver, WA-1 loc: Cascade 16 Cinemas
**October 9th, 10th 2006: Dallas, Fort Worth, and Garland, TX-4 locs: Cybertown (returned), Putt-Putt, Main Event, Gameworks
**December 8th-10th 2006: Norridge, Naperville, and Glendale Heights, IL-3 locs: Cyberstation at Harlem Irving Plaza, Brunswick Zone, Mike Quaintance's house
**March 27th-30th 2007: Las Vegas, NV-14 locs: Stratosphere Tower, Sahara/Nascar Hotel & Casino (returned), Circus Circus arcade and Adventuredome (returned), ASI at the LV convention center, Excalibur, Luxor, New York New York, Gameworks, Bellagio, Bally's, Hilton, Riviera, MGM, The Orleans
**April 6th 2007-present: Las Vegas, Henderson, Primm, NV-49 locs, approx 81 machines so far (cuz I'm living there): see list on myspace
**July 13th-15th 2007: Rocky Mount, NC-1 loc: Mini-Putt Golf & Games (or something like that) for Rocky Mount 8
**December 16th 2007: Myrtle Beach, SC-1 loc: East of Chicago for EOCP3
**Nov/Dec 2007?: Pahrump, Laughlin, NV-7 locs?: Pahrump Nugget, Skate Zone, Riverside Resorts, Aquarius Casino, Colorado Belle, Harrah's, Avi Casino
**April 4th, 5th 2008: Mesquite, NV & Hurricane, Provo, Orem, Draper, Sandy, Murray, West Jordan, UT-11 locs: Virgin River Casino, Hurricane Bowl & Fun Center, Fat Cats, Trafalga Family Fun Center, Nickelcade, Classic Skating, Boondocks, Nickelcade, Jordan Commons, Nickel Mania, Gasoline Alley
**April 14th 2008: Round Rock, TX-1 loc: Gattiland

I got black Extreme target arrows tattooed on the back of my right shoulder on Sunday, 4/4/06; a black ITG metal arrow on my left hip on Tuesday, 4/2/06; and full-color (red, black, grey) ITG mines on each side of my head just behind my ears on Saturday, 9/6/08. I've gotten more work done on my hip (more arrows!) and I might get a Pump arrow on my leg.

Favorite DDR songs:
**1.5 Mix: My Fire (UKS Remix)
**2nd Mix: Stomp to My Beat
**3rd Mix: Butterfly (Upswing Mix)
**4th Mix: Night in Motion
**5th Mix: Moonlight Shadow
**6th Mix: Twilight Zone
**7th Mix/Max2: The Whistle Song
**8th Mix/Extreme:The Legend of Max
**9th Mix/SuperNova: Golden Sky

Favorite ITG songs:
**ITG1: Zodiac
**ITG2: Hardcore Symphony

Favorite PIU song:

Favorite PIU Pro song:
**Be My Friend

Other Favorites:
**Arrow: Right
**ITG Stepchart: Summer (Speedy Mix) expert single
**Cali Location: Oh Wow Nickel Arcade in Merced, CA (home arcade, overhead fans, good pads)
**Other State Loc: The Orleans Casino (Danny's and my current home arcade)

09/05/05:1st time playing 3rd Mix (Plus), 1st time playing ITG2 on a dedicated cabinet (Zero Gravity-Glendale), and 1st great attack (Happy Wedding on DDR Extreme in Tarzana, CA)

06/06: First PIU attempt in Lubbock, TX

08/15/06: 1st 13 passed-Summer~Speedy Mix~. 1st Determinator pass.

08/30/06: 2nd 13 passed-Pandemonium.

I've been in 10 tournies so far-Modesto Boomers was the first one (where I met Jet on 6/26/05 and lost to Iceman in round one), CVGL (where I lost to Kay0ss in round one), Cyberstation in Merced (where I lost to Brian and my ex Jon), Austin Nationals '06 (where I entered doubles as a joke and lost to Faker and Spork in singles), Keystone Lanes GS2 (where I lost to Rufio and Shenjoku but got a 99.58 on Little Kitty Mine and beat Malibu), R U ITG3 team tourney at RTA in SF (where I teamed with Pike, Vinny, and Jet and sucked on Fleadh Uncut but beat Blur at Destiny, QOL, and Hybrid), Smash N' Arrows at FNA (where I beat LadyMercury, Inzuma, and Carlos but lost to Dizzy and Dalton), Rocky Mount 8 in NC (where I basically sucked ass but had an awesome time), EOCP3 in South Carolina (where I entered ITG expert and my first PIU tourney), and the PIU Pro Ironman tourney (where I tried a lot of new things for the first time and did awesome on my first ever "lowest passing score" attempt").

Check out my DD:Recall! (hasn't been updated in forever): http://ddrecall.com/user.php?mode=viewprofile&user=4353

I'm always trying to get a hold of dancing game products/goods/other crap (store bought, homemade, whatever) so if you have anything that fits the description that you'd like to get rid of/sell, please contact me asap.

Want me to visit your area or want to visit mine? Contact me (via email, text, aim, etc) with info on your plans or your next ITG, DDR, or PIU community event (as far in advance as possible) and I'll see what I can do. Hope to cya soon!

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